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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to check Water Adulteration in Milk by using Lactometer in Home (Hin...

Watch out easy steps to check water adulteration in milk by using Lactometer (Hydrometer) in house. (Voice : Hindi)

Milk is a common drink of our daily diet. But mostly time, it may have Urea, Formalin, Vanaspati, Starch and water as impurity. Packed milk from brands as well as milk purchased from milk-vendors can be adulterated so it is always better to check for them before consuming.

Water turns out to be the most common adulterant in milk. It reduces the nutritional value of milk. If contaminated, water poses a health risk to consumers. 

How to check water adulteration in Milk by using lactometer :

A lactometer measures the density of milk. It tells the user how much water is in the milk that is being sampled. This is an instrument used to determine the richness of milk.

Lactometer : Measure the amount of water in the milk. A Lactometer is used to find out the amount of water in the milk. It works on the principle of specific gravity of milk. It consists of a Test-Tube and a Meter Bulb.

Using this instrument is very simple. Put some milk in the test-tube. Dip the meter bulb in it, the bulb going in first. You will notice that the meter bulb floats. The reading on the meter indicates how pure/impure your milk is.

The deeper the bulb sinks, the more dilute/impure the milk. If the reading is at the red mark, it shows that the milk is rich and pure.

Milk is one of the most important ingredients for children's overall development, it is essential for adult health as well. Milk is also widely used in food item like desserts, baking, tea and coffee etc.

Most of the commonly used adulterant for milk includes Detergent, White Paint, Caustic Soda, Refined Oil and glucose

The most common reason for milk adulteration is the difference between demand and supply of milk. In order to meet the demand, the suppliers usually adulterate the milk and increase the quantity.

The adulterants like Salt, Detergents and glucose add to the thickness and viscosity of the milk while starch prevents curdling of milk

These adulterants are hazardous and cause irreversible damage to the human body. 

The detergents in milk caused food poisoning and gastrointestinal complications. The other synthetic compounds cause impairments, heart problems and cancer.

Due to lack of hygiene in milk handling and packaging, detergents (used during cleaning operations) are not washed properly and find their way into the milk. Other contaminants like urea, starch, glucose, formalin along with detergent are used as adulterants. These adulterants are used to increase the thickness and viscosity of the milk as well as to preserve it for a longer period. 

Water turned out to be the most common adulterant in milk. It reduces the nutritional value of milk. If contaminated (with pesticides, heavy metals), water poses a health risk to consumers

Adulteration of water in milk is so common in India. But it is not much toxic to health as adulteration of drinking water is.

Water Adulteration Test in Milk without Lactometer :
  • 1) Slip Test : To identify adulteration from water, a simple test is milk slip test. Run the drop of milk on smooth or polished surface. Pure milk leaves some residue or traces behind. However, milk mixed with water will simply flow out. 
  • 2) Reduction Test : Boil milk on slow heat for 2-3 hours till it solidifies and become hard (khoya). Rock solid, rough residue means the milk is adulterated while oily residue means its of good quality.
  • 3) Checking for Synthetic Milk : Synthetic milk is made by mixing chemicals and things like soap in natural milk. Synthetic milk can be easily identified by bad taste. It feels soapy when rubbed and turns yellowish when heated.
Note :
  • 1) Salt and detergents are added to adjust lactometer reading to add thickness to the milk.
  • 2) Contaminate milk can be countered by ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene at all processing stages as well as by boiling and pasteurizing milk properly.
  • 3) Nitrogenous compounds are added to artificially enhance the taste of protein in milk.
  • 4) Synthetic milk turns yellowish on heating. With some experience, one can easily make out whether it is pure natural milk or a synthetic liquid sold as milk.
  • 5) One of the most common form of adulteration in milk is mixing of urea as it does not changes the taste and is little difficult to detect.
  • 1) Make sure you boil the milk on slow flame till boiling point. Avoid re-boiling milk as it brings down the nutritional value of milk.
  • 2) While the easiest way to adulterate milk is by adding water, reagents and prohibited neutralisers like hydrated lime, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate are added to milk to prevent spoilage.
  • 3) One really can not do anything when it comes to the packed pasteurized milk. Such products undergo a series of processes and it is hard to trace the point of adulteration. 
  • 4) Since the adulteration techniques have advanced these days so it is very difficult to identify adulteration. You can not find any adulteration until you use some catalyst to check its purity.
  • 5) There were 37 pure Indian breeds and due to foreign activist’s effort almost all the breeds are now extinguished with only few breeds left.
  • 6) Mixing water in milk is a common practice by local milkman. Having harmful elements like Urea, Carbonates and Bicarbonates, salt, sugar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Neutralizers (NaHCO3, Na2 CO3, NaOH, Ca(OH)2 etc.), sodium chloride, etc. added to our everyday drink is completely unacceptable. 
To stop milk adulteration near your diary, you should do research and keep an eye. Visit your dairy periodically and keep a strict watch.

In future, we will have a GPS-based technology that could be used to track the exact location where the milk supplied in the cold chain has been tampered with so it will help to stop milk adulteration in packaged milk.

In Hindi : 

सिर्फ भारत ही एक ऐसा देश है जिसमे सबको पता है कि हरेक चीज़ में गड़बड़ हैं। फिर भी लोग मज़े में जी रहे हैं। न कोई आवाज़ उडाता न कोई प्रदशन करता है।

बस जी रहे लाचार बन कर। बस इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं अपने बीमार होने का। हर घर में आपको कैंसर के रोगी मिल जायेंगे। न जाने कितने लोगो की जान जा रही है कैंसर से रोज़।

फिर भी हम बैठे मूक दर्शक बन कर। कोई आवाज़ नही कोई उफ़ नही। बस इंतज़ार कर रहे खुद के बीमार होने तक।

आप कितना भी कमालों, आप कभी स्वस्थ नही रह सकते जब तक आपका खाना शुद्ध न हो। फल सब्जी में pesticides का जहर हैं। दूध या तो नकली हैं नही तो उसमें आपको फीमेल हॉर्मोन्स जरूर मिलेंगे। जिससे लड़को और लड़कियों का हॉर्मोन्स सतुंलन बिगड़ रहा हैं।

बस ऐसी ही स्वाथीपन के कारण हमने 1000 साल गुलामी झेलीं। और अब भी हममें लालच और स्वथीपन कूट कूट के भरा हैं।

धर्मितकता तो बस दिखावा भर हैं। जागो, कहि देर न हो जाये। सरकार से मिलावट के खिलाफ सख्त कानून की मांग रखों।
अगर कुछ नही कर सकते तो बस इस वीडियो को देखें, और लोगों को लगतार भेजते रहे। 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

जय हिंद

Friday, November 11, 2016

How Haryanavi warn Bank Recipient on Car Loan Recovery Call (हरियाणा वाल...

Watch out how a Haryanavi villager warn Bank Recipient girl on phone for talking about Car Loan Recovery. (Phone Audio Clip) (Voice : Hindi)

In Hindi : हरियाणा वाले बैंक लोन कैसे चुकाते है ये ऑडियो में

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to track Stolen Mobile through IMEI Number (Hindi) (1080p HD)

There are thousands of people who lose their mobile everyday and few more thousands people whose mobiles get stolen. Android mobile can be tracked with apps and without apps as well. 

There are lots of ways to locate a phone remotely. Let’s assume you have not got a tracking app installed.

There are some specific apps that help you track lost or stolen mobile phones example anti theft alarm for Windows phone. There are similar apps available for Android phone and iPhone as well.

If you have lost your mobile phone or if it’s stolen, then you can recover it or at least block it if you know the IMEI number of the phone.

Knowing IMEI of mobile cell phone is important because it can help you track, trace or locate your mobile cell phone when lost or stolen. It is compulsory for filling a police report too if your mobile lost in market or other place, So It is always advised to keep IMEI number of mobile safe at some place.

All the mobiles have a unique number in-built. It is written in it by manufacturer and it is a 16 digit number this number is useful when our mobile gets stolen. We can block the mobile handset by using this number.

One thing you can do is to register a complaint at police station, give them your IMEI number this might give you your mobile back. 

Just type *#06# on your GSM cellular phone and it will display its IMEI number in most of the Mobile phones. Note it down. It is also printed on the compliance plate of the mobile set.

How IMEI number Works :

Each mobile phone has a unique IMEI number. Whenever a mobile phone is switched on, this IMEI number is sent to Equipment Identity Register database. This database categorizes each phone in one of three categories: while listed, grey listed and black listed.

Your mobile service provider can block any mobile phone by putting its IMEI number in the black list. Once blacklisted, a mobile phone is useless as it cannot be used at all.

Your operator can track the exact location of the mobile phone using its IMEI number using the Global Positioning System, thus helping you find the lost or stolen mobile phone. 

What is an IMEI Number

The IMEI number or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number to identify your cell phone (GSM or CDMA) and in some cases, even a satellite phone. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone.

Another term which is known as MEID- Mobile Equipment Identifier is same as IMEI but used in case of CDMA phones. MEID numbers are 14 characters long made up of letters and numbers.

Why is the IMEI number important?

It is used to identify valid and also to lock the phones remotely by the service provider in case of a theft reported by the subscriber. Thus it is important and must be kept in a good location. Usually IMEI number is written by the shopkeeper on the bill when buying a new phone. 

Now many mobile phone or cell phone trackers have come up. A tracker is a special designed to stay hidden in your phone and send specific information quietly from your phone like an SMS to your friend's number informing you about the new mobile number and your IMEI number. Phones which have GPS are an added advantage because the tracker will then try and send you the GPS co-ordinates of the thief regularly as an SMS to the other phone. 

At last, you need to have ADM turned on Android phones (which is the default setting) and allow it to permission to lock or erase your phone if you trigger it (which is turned off by default). Lastly, your phone needs to be synced to your Google account, and connected to the internet.

If none of the above works

  • 1) First you need to go to the police station in your area and file a FIR that your mobile phone is stolen.
  • 2) Then take the copy of a FIR and IMEI number of your phone and contact the service provider of your phone. They will then help you track the mobile phone location.
  • 3) They will also block the mobile phone, making it useless until it is found. Once you find it, you can request your service provider to white-list it again.
  • 4) This procedure will work even if the SIM card of the phone is changed because all service providers use the same blacklist database.
Note :
  • 1) IMEI is a type of a code number of any GSM mobile handset and unique to a mobile handset all over the Globe.
  • 2) When you contact your mobile service provider to block the mobile phone with its IMEI number, do not forget to ask them to block your SIM too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Man accused of theft beaten by cops in Rae Bareli

A truck driver, accused of theft, was brutally beaten up by police in Rae Bareli, the constituency of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. The incident, which took place in an area under the Gingaso police station. (Video has disturbing images, not suitable for children)

Caught on camera: For bribes, doctors will prescribe you anything

From iPads to cash, doctors talk of big gift, agree to push drugs on patients.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Noida college student allegedly stripped by seniors, MMS recorded

A first year student of a college in Noida was thrashed, stripped and sexually abused allegedly by three of his seniors who also recorded a video of the torture and then blackmailed him asking for money.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shiv Khera on Indian Corruption and Food Adulteration (Hindi) (1080p HD)

Watch out exclusive interview of Shiv Khera (Famous Author, New Delhi) about Indian corruption and food adulteration.

Shiv Khera is the author of 16 books including international bestseller 'You Can Win' which has sold over 2.8 million copies in 16 languages. The focus of the book 'You Can Win' was on achieving success through personal growth and positive attitude.

He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. He has been honoured by Rotary International and The Lions International.

While working in the United States, he was inspired by a lecture delivered by Norman Vincent Peale and followed his motivational teachings. 

He launched a movement against caste-based reservation in India and has founded an organization called Country First Foundation whose mission is "to ensure freedom through education and justice." 

Shiv Khera believes that our freedom is at the danger due to corruption and caste-based reservation, and unless it is eliminated, the country will not be free in its true sense.

Reservations should be based on an individual's economic status and not be based on his caste. Its time the government understood that not all SC/STs are poor and not all who come in through the General category are rich.

The fact that many general category students do miss out on opportunities due to the reservation system

Reservations should be purely based on economic status, but for that to be implemented effectively. By giving reservation on economic basis rather than on caste basis, we can ensure that the poor among the upper castes are not done injustice.

Food adulteration is a growing problem in India with rampant instances of adulteration of essential food items such as milk, ghee and spices.

Water turned out to be the most common adulterant in milk. It reduces the nutritional value of milk.

Other contaminants like urea, starch, glucose and formalin were also used as adulterants. These are used to increase the thickness and viscosity of the milk

The first national survey on milk adulteration revealed that most urban Indians drink contaminated milk

Shiv Khera was born in a business family who used to have coal mines Kendua in Dhanbad, India.

In his early years he worked as a car washer, a life insurance agent and a franchise operator before he became a motivational speaker.

Water Contamination and Water Adulteration

The very basic need for human existence is water. Water is an indispensable natural resource and is a bare essential to perform our daily tasks.

According to report by the United Nations, 90% of wastewater discharged in developing countries is left untreated everyday. Over 3 million people around the world die each year by drinking water which is considered unfit for human consumption.

Water pollution is any contamination of water with chemicals or other foreign substances that are detrimental to human, plant, or animal health. 

These pollutants include fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural runoff; sewage and food processing waste; lead, mercury, and other heavy metals; chemical wastes from industrial discharges; and chemical contamination from hazardous waste sites. 

Worldwide, nearly 2 billion people drink contaminated water that could be harmful to their health.

Water purification is one of the solutions for water pollution. Millions of people worldwide could be saved if people used chlorination, filtration, and solar disinfection to treat water at their homes.

37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases each year. Water contamination in India is mainly contributed by untreated sewerage which contaminates surface as well as ground water.

Indian rivers like Yamuna, Ganga, Gomti, Ghaggar, Chambal flow through highly populated cities and get polluted due to the industries they cross. It found that tap water may contain toxics like mercury.

With the increase in the literacy rate, more Indians are becoming aware of consuming safe drinking water. Now, lot of care is taken by the Indians for the drinking water. Most of Indian now prefers bottled water over using tap water as they are aware that the tap water may be contaminated by chemicals, microbes, pathogens, sanitation issues etc.

But, it is found that bottled water or mineral water also adulterated it can be spurious.

Many times Authorities pick up samples of mineral water and find them contaminated with microbes and toxics. 

People now become aware that bottled water can be adulterated too. By consuming bottled water from non reliable outlet is like that we are paying for the adulterated water and helping in the growth of spurious business of adulterated water.

It becomes essential for us to consume quality marked bottled water which is processed at water plants using aseptic filling technologies ensuring delivery of safe drinking water.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Milk Adulteration in India

The results of survey on milk by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) reveal that most Indians are consuming detergents and other contaminants through milk. 

70 per cent milk samples collected across the country by food safety authority did not conform to standards.

Due to lack of hygiene and sanitation in milk handling and packaging, detergents (used during cleaning operations) are not washed properly and find their way into the milk. 

Other contaminants like urea, starch, glucose, formalin along with detergent are used as adulterants. These adulterants are used to increase the thickness and viscosity of the milk as well as to preserve it for a longer period. 

The consumption of milk with detergents is hazardous to health. About eight per cent samples were found to have detergents.

The most common reason for milk adulteration is the difference between demand and supply of milk. In order to meet the demand, the suppliers usually adulterate the milk and increase the quantity.

The highest sample of milk has low Solid Not Fat (SNF) and this was due to dilution of milk with water. The higher the SNF, the better is the quality of milk. 

The adulterants like salt, detergents and glucose add to the thickness and viscosity of the milk, while starch prevents curdling of milk. 

These adulterants are hazardous and cause irreversible damage to the human organs. The detergents in milk caused food poisoning and gastrointestinal complications. The other synthetic compounds cause impairments, heart problems, cancer and even death. The immediate effect of drinking adulterated milk with urea, caustic soda and formalin is gastroenteritis but the long term effects are known to be far more serious.

Water turned out to be the most common adulterant in milk. It reduces the nutritional value of milk. If contaminated (with pesticides, heavy metals), water poses a health risk to consumers.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal asks TV anchor to tweak interview

A video showing AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal asking a TV news anchor to emphasise certain sections of his interview went viral on YouTube.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hidden bundles of currency seized from Narmada Vikas Pradhikaran enginee...

Madhya Pradesh's Lokayukta police conducted a raid at the residence of an engineer who works in Narmada Vikas Pradhikaran and seized currency and valuables estimated to be worth crores of rupees. Currency notes were kept hidden under the bed and other places in the residence of the engineer.

Congress' support to Aam Aadmi Party a 'drama'

The operation exposes the mistrust between the AAP and Congress when the latter's five MLAs use scandalous and disgraceful language to express their ire against Arvind Kejriwal who tapped into public anger to take the AAP to the corridors of power.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Caught on camera: school teacher makes student massage her feet

A teacher from a government school in Akola district of Maharashtra has been suspended after she was caught on camera making student of her class massage her feet. The video was reportedly shot 15 days ago by a disabled child who studies in her class.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Maharashtra drought: Sugar barons from Sharad Pawar's party stealing water?

Drought has tightened its grip over Maharashtra. But ask the people of the drought hit village of Ropala in Solapur district, the epicentre of Maharahstra's drought, and they will tell you it is a crisis created not by nature but political clout.

Watch: Naveen Jindal's reverse sting operation on Zee TV

There was high drama at Congress MP and industrialist Naveen Jindal's press conference on Thursday afternoon where he claimed he had proof against the editors of Zee News allegedly extorting money from his team. Jindal screened the video of what was shown to be a sting operation his company did on Zee News. 

It purportedly shows Zee Business Editor Sameer Ahluwalia demanding money from Jindal's company. Jindal said Zee News asked him for money to stop a sting operation exposing his company's alleged role in the coal scam.

Zee News : Beware of adulterated sweets this Holi EXCLUSIVE

Beware of adulterated sweets on the Holi. 

Hawala banker in Paharganj shot, incident captured on CCTV

Four assailants allegedly looted the office owned by a hawala banker and also shot him before fleeing. Onlookers chased them and caught one of the assailants. The incident has been captured on CCTV. The banker who is now admitted in Ganga Ram hospital is said to be in a critical condition.

Cops release CCTV footage of men who allegedly shot BSP leader in Delhi fa

Chilling CCTV footage has emerged of how the alleged attackers of BSP leader and real estate tycoon Deepak Bhardwaj fled after shooting him dead at his farmhouse near Rajokri on the Delhi-Gurgaon border this morning. Mr Bhardwaj, who contested the last Lok Sabha elections on a Bahujan Samaj Party tocket, had declared assets of Rs. 600 crore, making him the richest candidate in the 2009 elections.

Friday, February 1, 2013

10 years in jail for Haryana leader Om Prakash Chautala, son Abhay

Former Haryana chief minister Om Prakash Chautala has been sentenced to ten years in prison along with his son, Ajay, for corruption. This means they cannot contest next year's elections in Haryana.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

दिल्ली : चोरों ने चुराया यमुना का पुल

दिल्ली में चोरों के हौंसले बुलंद हैं। चोरों ने यमुना पर बने पुल को फिल्मी तरीके से गायब कर दिया। उन्होंने सीपीडब्ल्यूडी के कर्मचारी बन गैस कटर और क्रेन की मदद से तीन दिन तक पुल को काटा।

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

गंगा में गिर रहा सीवर का पानी

तमाम रोक लगाने के बावजूद आज भी गंगा में करोड़ों लीटर सीवर का पानी गंगा में मिल रहा है। अब जब इलाहाबाद में महाकुंभ आरंभ हो गया है तब तमाम संत गंगा प्रदूषण से नाराज हैं।

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

IAC alleges govt favoured Mukesh Ambani's Reliance in gas pricing

Arvind Kejriwal accused the Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries and the two biggest national parties of being hand in glove and indulging into corrupt prices, saying both "the Congress and the BJP are in Ambani's pockets". He also alleged that Jaipal Reddy was replaced with Veerappa Moily to raise gas prices.

Black money comes mainly from India: Assange

Black money comes mainly from India: Assange
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